about us

About Us

Operational since 2015, OneGreenDiary is a full-stack enterprise application development company. With a customer base in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Middle East, Netherlands, and the USA, we have successfully built software products that are used by hundreds and thousands of end-users.

We specialize in working with startups with highly efficient agile model and continuous improvement process.

Why Choose Us


We deep dive into your problem statement


We understand the purpose and design your product to meet the needs of your end customer


We build trust by offering 100% transparency in our engagement, always.


We take ownership of our deliverables


We make sure smooth transition and support until you sign off with smile



Yogesh Wagh

Founder & CEO

Yogesh Wagh is a seasoned professional with astute mind to cultivate business relationships into long lasting partnerships. He has been proactively involved in generating disruptive start up ideas, addressing socio-economic issues and wrapping up conversations in meaningful ways.


Yogesh values the need of technology for betterment of society and promotes technology as solution to complex problems. He is an extrovert, friendly speaker to talk and advisor on critical subjects like science and education and training and development. He is a globetrotter and has traveled to more than 100 cities around the world. He enjoys the circle of passionate technologists, entrepreneurs and social workers.


Yogesh holds a Bachelors degree in Instrumentation Engineering. He is MBA graduate from Pune University’s Department of Management Science.


Ganesh Venkateshwara, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

V. Ganesh, has 15+ years of extensive experience in scientific software development, software architecture and holds a Ph.D. in computer science with specialization in scientific computing. He has experience developing algorithms and applications that run on large supercomputers to mobile computing devices. Many of his research works have appeared in peer reviewed international journals as well as conferences. He is a member of the ACM and contributes to a few open source projects related to computational chemistry. Lately he has been dabbling with medical image processing on mobile devices and building Tensorflow models to perform on device object segmentation. Apart from core computing, he has varied interests in Biology, Space, Cybersecurity and Music.


Jayant Kulkarni

Leader- People Development & Business Strategy

Jayant is highly experienced  professional with successful track record in Computer software, CAD/CAM and E-Learning Industry. Jayant has over 35 years of experience in Products and Services Marketing, Sales, Business Development in International Markets, Management, Operations, Training, People Development, Leadership Development, Motivational training, Start-ups, Manufacturing Engineering and E-Learning domains.


Jayant has successfully built companies ground up from 3 people to several hundred people. He was instrumental in driving businesses from startup to multi-million dollar self-running units. He holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering Pune (CoEP) University.


Shankar Desai

Senior Advisor

Shankar Desai is currently, director of global Middleware, Integration, Database, Automation and India COE Services for Caterpillar. His organization provides IT services to support key technologies & business processes to Caterpillar’s global locations.


Prior to this role, he held a position of, Managing Director of India Centers of Excellence, IT director for architecture, strategy & business capability for Caterpillar Inc.   Over last 30 years, he has held many leadership positions in engineering, manufacturing & IT. This includes a four year assignment in Brazil, as a Latin America regional IT manager.