We specialize in ERP and Data consulting, with a focus on providing tailored solutions to solar panel installation companies. This case study explores how our expertise has successfully transformed business operations within the solar industry.

Problem Statement:

Many solar companies face challenges in automating their business operations, from lead capture to the entire process of creating opportunities. The need for a comprehensive system to manage critical information such as energy wattage, panel types, roof specifications, inverter costs, and financial plans has been a common pain point.


Solar companies often struggle with outdated or inefficient systems that hinder their operational efficiency. The lack of a unified platform for managing diverse data points and engaging all stakeholders can lead to bottlenecks in the installation process. Additionally, cost considerations have prompted the search for alternatives to platforms like Salesforce.


Our team implemented a tailored ERP solution to address the unique challenges faced by solar panel installation companies. Initially developed on the Salesforce platform, we evolved to offer more cost-effective alternatives. The solution focused on automating business processes, from lead capture to opportunity creation, to ensure the seamless flow of critical information. Accurate project cost calculation, timely availability of components, an effective supply chain, and seamless customer support post-project completion were integral components of our solution.


The implementation of our ERP solution led to significant improvements in the efficiency of business operations. Automation streamlined the entire process, allowing for quicker lead-to-opportunity conversion. Stakeholders across the organization benefited from a unified platform, facilitating collaboration and communication.


  • Operational Efficiency:
    The automation of processes resulted in a more efficient workflow, reducing manual errors and accelerating task completion.
  • Data Accuracy:
    Critical information, including energy wattage, panel types, and financial plans, is now accurately captured and easily accessible.
  • Cost Savings:
    The shift to more cost-effective alternatives contributed to financial savings for the solar companies. Accurate project cost calculation ensured transparency and budget adherence.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency:
    Timely availability of components and an effective supply chain improved project timelines and reduced delays.
  • Customer Support:
    Seamless customer support post-project completion enhanced client satisfaction, ensuring ongoing success and fostering long-term relationships.
  • In conclusion, our ERP and Data consulting expertise, coupled with accurate project cost calculation, timely component availability, an effective supply chain, and seamless customer support, has successfully addressed the unique challenges faced by solar panel installation companies, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration.

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