In the telecom industry, the efficient management of network operations in real-time is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. This case study explores how a large network operator utilized the Pirl Labs platform to implement a Real-Time Network Management System (RTNMS), addressing challenges related to data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Problem Statement:

The network operator encountered difficulties in effectively collecting, analyzing, and visualizing real-time performance data from diverse routers nationwide. Additionally, generating periodic reports on network uptime and path selection proved to be complex tasks.


  • Real-Time Data Collection:
    Gathering real-time performance data, such as signal strength and application usage, from routers dispersed across the country posed a significant challenge.
  • Data Analysis:
    Analyzing the ingested data in real-time and historical contexts necessitated robust analytical capabilities.
  • Visualization:
    Creating dynamic dashboards to visualize performance metrics and alarms in real-time and historical perspectives was essential.
  • Reporting:
    Generating periodic reports on network uptime, selected network paths, and performance analysis required efficient data processing.


  • Pirl Labs Platform Integration:
    The network operator integrated the Pirl Labs platform, leveraging its advanced capabilities to address the challenges in real-time network management.
  • REST API Development:
    Multiple REST APIs were developed to seamlessly ingest real-time data from routers nationwide into the Pirl Labs platform.
  • Data Processing:
    The platform’s data processing capabilities facilitated the filtering, analysis, and storage of ingested data in various formats for efficient retrieval.
  • Real-Time Dashboards:
    Dynamic dashboards were created on the Pirl Labs platform to visualize performance metrics and alarms in real-time, with updates reflected within seconds.
  • Performance Analysis and Reporting:
    The platform generated comprehensive reports on network uptime, path selection, and performance analysis to aid decision-making.


  • Enhanced Data Collection:
    The integration of the Pirl Labs platform enabled efficient real-time data collection from routers nationwide, improving operational efficiency.
  • Improved Data Analysis:
    Robust data processing capabilities facilitated real-time and historical analysis of performance metrics, empowering proactive decision-making.
  • Timely Visualization:
    Dynamic dashboards provided timely visualization of performance parameters, enhancing situational awareness and enabling swift response to network issues.
  • Streamlined Reporting:
    The platform’s reporting functionality generated periodic reports on network performance, offering valuable insights for network optimization and troubleshooting.


  • Operational Efficiency:
    The Pirl Labs platform streamlined network operations, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness to network issues.
  • Proactive Issue Resolution:
    Timely visualization and analysis of performance data facilitated proactive issue resolution, minimizing downtime and improving network reliability.
  • Informed Decision-Making:
    Comprehensive reports provided valuable insights for informed decision-making, enabling network optimization and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:
    By leveraging the Pirl Labs platform, the network operator achieved improved network reliability and performance, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction


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